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Cash Prices for Colonoscopy

Jan 10, 2014

Once you turn 50, you need to have a colonoscopy. Not having insurance should not prevent you from having. Call us today and ask to speak to Barbara or Donna about our cash pricing for colonoscopy. Barbara: 818-885-6261 ( Or complete our online inquiry form
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Virtual Colononscopy vs Regular Colonoscopy

Jan 8, 2014

Dr. Desai highlights the importance of getting a colonoscopy and discusses the advantages and disadvantages to virtual colonoscopy and compares it to the traditional colonoscopy.
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Our Offices/Locations

Jan 7, 2014

Our board certified gastroenterologists see patients in multiple locations that are convenient to you. We can see you at these offices: 1. Northridge 2. West Hills 3. Sherman Oaks 4. Encino 5. Westlake Village
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Obamacare – Inquire with us to get your Colonosscopy

Jan 7, 2014

Patients enrolling in Obamacare are entitled to receive a colonoscopy and our staff are trained to ensure that you receive this benefit. Don’t miss your opportunity to receive this life saving benefit. Call us to get your colonoscopy as soon as possible. Please call 818-885-6261 or email us at
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No Insurance No Problem – Screening Colonoscopy

Sep 4, 2013

The the board certified doctors at LA GI are available to perform a colonoscopy for a cash all inclusive payment. It includes all the cost associated with the procedure. You will receive deep sedation (anesthesia) from our anesthesiologist. Please send an email to for more information or call 1-800-856-1305 and ask to speak to…
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Super Doctors – 2013: Drs. Machicado & Desai

Sep 3, 2013

Gustavo A. Machicado online at visit
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I'm glad I was able to find someone like Dr. Desai using this site. I was looking for someone who specialized in this field and I'm glad that this website was able to help me locate him with ease.

Jorge M. - 4/26/2012

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