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Why Choose LAGI

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Comprehensive and Advanced

  • The Los Angeles Gastroenterology Institute offers the most comprehensive and advanced gastroenterologists without having to travel far from home.  The gastroenterologists at The Los Angeles Gastroenterology Institute offer expert diagnosis and medical treatment for patients with disorders of the esophagus, liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, small intestine and colon. With the experience of our physicians and nurses, minimally invasive procedures are performed efficiently and safely.  Our complication rates are well below national averages.

Painless Endoscopic Procedures

  • One of the benefits of choosing The Los Angeles Gastroenterology Institute for your procedure is because we will ensure that you have the best possible experience when you come for your colonoscopy or endoscopy.  It is already stressful enough having to worry about the possible results.
  • Our cases are done with a board certified anesthesiologist and certified nurse anesthetist (CRNA) using the most advanced anesthesia medications and equipment.   Your safety is our primary concern and with that in mind we have assembled the most experienced anesthesiology team to care for you.
  • The advantages of monitored anesthesia care / deep sedation are numerous:
    • Advantages of Monitored Anesthesia Care/ Deep Sedation
      • Virtually painless
      • Faster recovery
      • Less chance of complications
      • Board certified anesthesiologists and certified nurse anesthetists
  • We offer deep sedation administered by a nurse anesthetist and anesthesiologists for all our patients and this is what separates our group from most other gastroenterologists.  In fact, if you are a Healthcare Partners HMO patient, we can also ensure that deep sedation is approved for your case.
  • We want to ensure that a patient has the best possible experience when they come for their endoscopy.  We offer every patient deep sedation administered by a anesthetist which ensures that a patient will not feel any discomfort whatsoever.  We use a combination of propofol, midazolam, and fentanyl for all patients.
  • If your insurance company will not approve anesthesia, you may at your choice incur an extra fee to receive deep sedation.

Excellent Clinical Outcomes – High Success Rates and Case Volumes

  • Our gastroenterologists have the some of the lowest rates of complications when compared to other physicians nationally and locally. How do we know this? Well firstly we are member of the peer review boards that are responsible for reviewing cases for hospitals and surgery centers we are affiliated with.  So we know how our success rates compare with our colleagues in the community.
  • Our gastroenterologists perform a high number of endoscopic cases which translates into a more experience.
  • Our gastroenterologists  consult on the most complex cases in the hospital setting on a regular and ongoing basis.
  • Please schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns with one of our experienced physicians

Endoscopy Equipment is The Latest and Most Advanced

  • An endoscope is a digital fiber optic camera that allows a gastroenterologist to visual the gastrointestinal tract to diagnose and treat, manage or biopsy lesions.  The endoscopes we use are manufactured by Olympus. The accessories we use are manufactured by Wilson Cook, Boston Scientific and Olympus.
  • Our centers are equipped with the latest high definition Olympus 180 endoscopes.  Rest assured that we use only the best, thinnest, and highest quality digital endoscopy equipment available.
  • Our endoscopes are equipped narrow band imaging which allows us to visualize the smallest lesions.

Our Ambulatory Surgical Centers are Modern, Sophisticated and State of the Art

  • Most endoscopic procedures are performed in accredited and certified ambulatory surgery centers (ASC).  The centers we are affiliated with have a GI Endoscopy program that was most likely established by our gastroenterologists and / or is currently directed by our gastroenterologists. This means that our physicians have the final word on how each case and patient is to be managed.  In addition, the surgical technicians and nurses that work with us are selected through a rigorous process are trained to meet our meticulous standards and techniques. The endoscopy team that works with us on your case is most likely trained by us.  We are detail oriented and we expect them to be detail oriented.
  • A GI endoscopy team includes the gastroenterologist, a circulating nurse, an anesthesiologist/anesthetist, and a surgical technician. Each member of this team knows what their individual tasks are and how to complete them competently, accurately, and with the professionalism and skill.  Almost all of them have experience working in a hospital setting dealing with the most complex and challenging cases.  Our patients should feel comfortable and confident that their procedure will go as planned and that they are in the hands of an experienced endoscopy team that is under the guidance of your gastroenterologist.
  • All the members of our team board certified physicians by the respective specialties.
  • A pathologist is a physician that specializes in making a histopathologic diagnosis from  biopsy specimens obtained during an endoscopic procedure. The pathologist on our team are some of the most experienced in the nation.

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